Home Theater Installation

There is no better place to watch a movie than in a movie theater, and there is nothing more comfortable than having the theater right in your own home. Whether it be a media room or a home theater, EnCom delivers an experience that evokes the same excitement you get from watching a cinematic movie, as well as being a fun place for family and friends to enjoy sharing good times together. In order to better understand your needs, the first measure taken is a personal evaluation of your expectations. We then work with you to develop a home cinema design that reflects your personal style. Every EnCom home cinema is finely-tuned to deliver the very best in audio, video, lighting, interior design, and comfort. With the touch of a button, you can have the lights dim, video start, volume set, and curtains open to reveal the screen. Whatever your imagination desires can be done.

Audio System Installation

Multi-Room Audio provides you with the ability to enjoy a superior music experience in any room, without the complication of having multiple devices or confusing controls. EnCom can supply any room you choose with Audio, from a personal cinema, to a kitchen, to any bedroom, to a backyard. These systems can scale from the simplest pair of speakers to full range, concert quality sound system. Whatever your needs, EnCom will customize a system that exceeds your expectations while minimizing cost. Systems are simplified by the use of customized keypads and touch screens. Regardless if it’s the radio, a compact disc, an mp3 player, a media server, or virtually any other audio source, it can be integrated allowing different music sources and selections to be played independently throughout the home. Our music systems guarantee a high level of quality and attention to detail, bringing together just the right components to match the environment in which they are installed. This means the best possible listening experience and the least visual cumbersomeness of these electronics.

Home Automation Installation, Lighting Control Installation

What if someone told you your home could come alive and think for itself? That it could manage its own processes like a living organism and gain consciousness—in a sense it could get to know you and give you what you want and need? Sounds crazy, right? Like something out of a sci-fi movie. And even if it were possible, it’s probably some project at Stanford or MIT, too expensive and complicated for a private home. Actually, you might be surprised just how possible it has become. It’s called home automation—you might know it by the more common name of “smart house” technology—and it’s not only the province of billionaires and techno-madmen. Home automation is the integration of a central computer that manages the home’s physical processes and media systems, provides information and controls to the users and allows programming for a wide variety of applications. Control all functions of a home from a touch-screen remote control. Not only can our clients control their audio systems, theater, communication, and security, but also lighting, climate, irrigation, and virtually any other hardware. Upon arriving home, from a keypad in the car, you may open the garage door, set the climate of the house, turn on the lights, and unlock the security system. Wake up in the morning and from the touch of a button, start the coffee pot. Anything you can fathom, or wish to be able to do, can be done.

Wired / Wireless Network & Phone System Installation

Networking Computers and Telephones both within the home and outside are the home's most common residential technologies. Simple yet effective choices can significantly enhance your living environment, by ensuring discrete intercom throughout the home, to the front gate or door and outside to recreation areas as well as enhanced features for message notification or guest recognition. Either security enabled wireless internet throughout the home and/or Ethernet cable ready wall outlets, we can make your whole house internet ready without the mess of wires. IP telephony allows seamless communications with your office or home, anywhere there is an internet connection.

Media Server

A media server is a device that stores and shares media via a network. Take all the photos and video from your digital camera and easily upload them to the server. Take all the songs out of your computer and transfer them to the server to share them with your whole family and/or access them yourself from anywhere you want. Don't worry about DVDs or CDs getting scratched - load them to the media server and they too can be watched and listened to anywhere. Seamlessly access the internet to rent or purchase your favorite music and videos, and access these anywhere in the home. Show off your photos and videos from a memorable vacation - not in a photo album or on your PC - but on your big screen HDTV. You even have the option to mix in other media to create a personalized presentation. For example, play music in the background as the slideshow plays. No longer will the kids fight over the newest addition to the DVD collection because they would be able to watch the same movie at the same time from their own respective rooms. The possibilities are endless.

Camera System Installation

Automated security systems are mandatory for all homes and businesses. An effective security system can permit or deny access, warn you of a fire, allow you to monitor your entire property, and keep your family and your valuables safe from intruders. Motion detectors, security cameras, and monitors are just some of technologies that constitute make up a professional security system. Automated security system control functions may be operated from the client’s home, a vacation home, or any other remote location for convenience and peace of mind. Every family member will have their own code, so our client can go as far as to monitor when family members come and go – then get notified by an e-mail sent to their computers or smart phones. Whatever you imagine—it’s possible.